My passion for baking.

Hi there, I'm Ellice!

I started the Not Just Cake Custom Sweets journey way back in 2013, beginning as just a hobby (mainly cupcakes for my housemates!). Shortly after having my first child Jesse, in 2014, my love for baking and decorating grew and I started really investing time in learning my baking craft.

While I had always loved baking the idea of turning this passion into a business had never really crossed my mind. That was until all of my friends and family said that they love my custom cupcakes!

Back then we were known as 'Crazy For Cupcakes', and trust me that was not just a business name! In between looking after my son Jesse, I was mixing, baking and delivering these personalized desserts across Melbourne, with a bit of assistance from family.

While I loved creating unique cupcake designs, my dream soon turned to creating beautiful, custom-made wedding cakes and birthday cakes to help people celebrate special moments in their lives.
So I set myself a goal (while also having my second child, Harper, in 2016), to learn the best cake baking techniques so I could deliver special creations to match these occasions.

Not Just Cake Market Stall

Our baking beginnings.

My first stall at a market in Lilydale, way back in 2013 when we were still 'Crazy For Cupcakes'.

We've grown a lot since then but our focus on baking with love while using premium ingredients remains the same!

Completely self-taught (with a bit of assistance from Mum!) I managed to master a number
of techniques and consistently grow my client base with new cake orders flying through the door. Instead of a hobby this had quickly become a full-fledged business, and it was time to commit myself fully to the mixing bowl and spatula!

I decided to jump into the world of dessert baking and re-brand our business to become Not Just
Cake Custom Sweets, highlighting not only our delicious cakes but our custom cupcake and cookie creations. Initially my clients were mostly friends and family but we are now delivering across Melbourne with an expanding presence online both here on our website and on our Facebook and Instagram social media channels.

Wedding Cake

Making events special.

Creating custom cakes for weddings and birthdays is our speciality and we pour a ton of love into each design to help celebrate those important occasions.

But as you know, we do more than cakes! From cookies to cupcakes, we can create the tastiest dessert boxes or platters to help make your next celebration one to remember.

While we are a growing, business the focus on quality products doesn't change for us. We'll always work to ensure that each cake, cookie and cupcake is baked with love to help you properly celebrate with the friends, family and co-workers you care about.

What ever your event or celebration, we can create the delicious dessert that will have the whole party talking (with their mouths full!). Be sure to check out our full range of baked treats here on our website or get in touch for a custom dessert.

- Ellice Hutchinson
Owner | Not Just Cakes Custom Sweets